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Web links about testing


Some research papers done by students (done at Cinnober Financial in Stockholm)

Other links

Testing mobile applications

    Book: Mobile Developer's Guide to the Galaxy
    Julian Harty wrote the first book on testing mobile applications and has a lot of material available.

Testing blogs

Elisabeth Hendrickson’s Test Obsessed
“I like the way Elisabeth uses examples to solve many real-time problems.”
Parimala Shankaraiah

Curious Tester written by Parimala Shankaraiah.
“Parimala studies a wide range of testing approaches and practices and distills this knowledge for us. She reminds us
why diversity is so important to promote innovation and creativity in software development and testing.”
Lisa Crispin

The Consulting Software Tester by James Bach
“James Bach is one of the most innovative testers today. His elucidation and popularization of exploratory testing is a great contribution to the field.”
Lee Copeland

Paul Gerrard's blogg
This blogg contains many useful comments on regression testing, performance testing and risk based-testing.

Seminar providers

Crowsourcing testing

    For testing mobile devices, look at uTest and mob4hire and Betatestingjobs.

Tester certification

There exists an international certification scheme for software tester knowledge. You get more information about this on International Software Tester Qualifications Board. The author of these pages is chairman of the Norwegian Board.

Test Tools