Some information about me

I am a civil engineer in computer science. My work is consulting and training in topics like Assessing and Improving Software Testing, Software Quality Assurance, Software Metrics and Software Test. I am an independent consultant, based at Osterøy, an island near Bergen, Norway.


My daily work is:

My professional career

Born in 1952

Studied computer science at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Specialty: Railway safety and reliability techniques.

1979 - 1981: Work at the Fraunhofer-Institute in Karlsruhe, Germany. Development of real time process control software.

1981 - 1987: Work with Senter for Industriforskning (SI) in Oslo, Norway. Development of parts of a CASE-tool (Systemator). Later leader of the project "Software Quality Management" with the aim of developing training material in Software Quality Assurance techniques. Consulting, functioning as quality manager in different projects. At the same time and later, guest lecturer at several Norwegian colleges and universities (Oslo, Bergen, Ålesund, Molde, Kristiansand).

1987 - : Independent consultant. Assisting companies in organizing and managing testing, as well as in designing test cases for higher level tests. Coaching in testing processes. Guest lectures at several universities in Norway and Iceland about Quality Assurance and Software Testing. Norwegian representative to ISO IEC JTC1 SC7 WG6 (The working group responsible for standards in the software product evaluation area) in the 1990s. Still working with the IEEE Standrds Association.

1997 - 1999 Test coordinator in Norwegian Telecom's (Telenor) Y2K project.

1999 ISEB Foundation Level Certified Software Tester

2004 ISTQB Foundation and Full Advanced Level Certified Software Tester

2004 - now Chairman of ISTQB Norway (International Software Testing Qualifications Board),

2015 ISTQB Certified Agile Tester Extension

Public and in-house courses in Software Testing in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA, Canada, India, China. University lectures on testing in Norway (Kristiansand) and Iceland (Reykjavik).

List of papers I have presented at international conferences

1984: Norddata, Oslo: "A positive way to SQA"

1984: Compas, Berlin: Metrics for Maintenance Management"

1985: Conference on Software Maintenance, Washington: "Metrics for Optimal Maintenance Management

1988: EOQC 1st European Seminar on Software Quality Assurance, Brussels: "Experiences with the Introduction of Software Quality Assurance"
 (This paper has later been presented for national audiences in England, Denmark, Germany and Austria).

1988-89: Software Maintenance News Winter Workshop, Asilomar, USA: Lectures about Regression Testing, Software Metrics and Technical Reviews.

1990 and 1991: Software Maintenance News Winter Workshop, Asilomar, USA: Lectures about Regression Testing, Inspections, Software Quality Specification, Maintenance Metrics.

1990: NordTest seminar, Copenhagen: "Specification and Test of Software Quality Attributes"

1990: EOQC 2nd European Conference on Software Quality Assurance, Oslo: Keynote speech: "Software Quality Assurance in the Maintenance Phase"

1990: Norddata at Gothenburg: "Making Software Engineering Happen", and "Make quality visible (by using software metrics)".

1990: Software Metrics Workshop, University of Magdeburg, East Germany: "Software Quality Assurance, an Overview" of "Software Metrics for the Maintenance Phase".

1991: "Quality Assurance in Maintenance", lecture

      "Software Test Management", a one day seminar for the Swiss Society for Quality, Zurich, Sept. 1991.

1992: "Software Reviews" a two day course,
          " Software Testing", a three day course,
     Government of India, Standardization, Testing and Quality Control Directorate

1992: "Experience with Making Software Quality Assurance Happen" at ISQE ´92, San Francisco.

1993: "How a customer can improve the sad state of supplier testing", keynote at EuroSTAR 1993, London.

1995: "Designing test cases for integration and system testing", tutorial, EuroSTAR 1995, London. (Updated or tailored varsions of this tutorial have also been held at later EuroSTAR and ICSTest conferences.

1998: "Surviving testing under time and budget pressure", keynote speech STAR West 1998. This publication is about risk based testing and is available on my web site.

1999: "Testing in darkness: How to handle bad specifications", EuroSTAR 1999 keynote. This paper is available on my web site.

2001: "Fast software development requires fast reviews", ICSTest 2001. This paper is about faster ways to review documents than inspections, to be used in small and immature organizations or projects.

2003: "What we already knew 10 years ago about testing, but still do not do and why", at CONQUEST 2003 (Best speaker award) and EuroSTAR 2004.

2004: "Risk based testing" at Testing days of Tampere university as well as at conferences in Bilbao, Moskva and Warszawa.

2004: "Integration Test Design" at CONQUEST 2004 in Germany (best paper award)

2005: "Risk based testing" at "Arbeitskreis Testen, Analysieren, Verifizieren", Bremen, Germany and ICSTEST.

2005: "What a tester should know even after midnight" at Polish Tester Society in Warszawa, SAQ day, Switzwerland, at EuroSTAR 2005, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2006: "Integration Test Design" at ICSTEST, Germany.

2006: Participating in the IEEE Standard 1028 Working Group (Standard for Reviews and Audits)

2006: Accredited course "ISTQB Foundation Level Certificate" (reaccredited in 2009 and 2012)

2010: "Start and exit criteria for software testing" at "Testing and Finance", in Bad Homburg, Germany.

2011: "Illusions and misunderstandings about software testing", keynote at "Testing and Finance", in Bad Homburg, Germany. An updated version of the same speech I presented again at The Latvian Testing days in Riga, later the same year, as well as at Testwarez 2012 in Poznan, Poland.

2012: "An overview of IEEE Standard 829", in Stockholm, at Swedish Association of Software Testers

2012: Participant in Program Committee and track chair at "The World's Northernmost Test Conference, Trondheim - Brønnøysund, May 2012.

2012: Lecture "Risk based testing" at Testwarez conference, Poznan, October 2012.

2013: Lecture "Risk and benefit based testing" at Polish Society for Software Testers, Wroclaw, March 2013.

2013: Lecture "Risk and benefit based testing" at Agile Testing Days, Berlin, October 2013.

2014: Participant in Program Committee and track chair, as well as presenting a paper on testing mobile applications and exam preparation for ISTQB Foundation exam at "The World's Northernmost Test Conference, Trondheim - Brønnøysund, May 2014.

2014: Tutorial "Risk and benefit based testing" at QS Tage, Nürnberg, November 2014.

2015: "The conomic effects of software testing", at QFIT, Poland

(Otherwise, I have been a much used "graveyard session lecturer" at national conferences in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland and Denmark.)

I have been consultant or had courses for the following companies (and more):

In Norway: A2G (training handicapped people), Acos, Aker yards, Bankenes Betalingssentral (renamed to Nets), Computer Science Corporation (CSC), Computas, DNB, Edb (renamed to EVRY), Elf Aquitaine, several hospital IT organizations, Kongsberg Maritime, Kværner Engineering, Lindorff, Marine Cybernetics (now part of DNV GL), Norwegian Telecom (Telenor), several insurance companies, Statoil, Superoffice, The Norwegian Postal Service, The Norwegian State Bank, The Norwegian National Tax Authorities (skatteetaten), The National TV (NRK), University of Agder, University of Oslo, University of Bergen, Colleges in Ålesund, Molde, Halden, Verdipapirsentralen, Visma, etc.

In Sweden: ABB, Banverket, Bombardier Transportation, Digital, Ericsson, EHPT, Front Capital, IBM, Handelsbanken, The Swedish National Railroad (SJ), SAAB, Saabtech, Telia Data AB, Visma, etc.

In Denmark: ElektronikCentralen/Delta, Bruel&Kjær, Sparekassernes Datacentral, Foss Elektrik, Danish Telecom, Ericsson, Nokia.

In Finland: Datex, Nokia, Soft-Ed.

In Iceland: University of Iceland.

In Germany: AOL, Ericsson, Hellige GmbH, imbus AG, Knowledge-Department, Lucent, SAP, Stryker-Leibinger, Siemens etc.

In Netherlands: CMG, testnet, Thales.

In Switzerland: SAQ, Tegimenta AG

In India: Department of Electronics, Directorate for Standardisation, Testing and Quality Control

In USA: Software Maintenance News

In China: imbus China, Siemens, Jitong railways