Who I do not work for

    Why: Because the soldiers' job is to kill as many "enemies" as possible as cheap and fast as possible. I do not support killing people. And because military expenses are a waste of money and effort, which could be spent in better ways.

    Why: Because the police gets more and more power in most states, invading people's privacy; and because our National police "just does its job" making the life of "illegal" immigrants hard. We have heard the excuse of "just doing my job" or "just following orders" before, from Nazi people all over Europe.

    Why: Because all software contains faults, and testing cannot find the last fault. And faulty elections is the last ting I want to have.

    Why: Because they follow Norwegian laws about foreigners in a bureaucratic, inflexible an inhuman way.

    Why: Because this coutry has one of the most cruel governments in the world.